The ultimate representation of your business and brand is your employees.


In choosing qualified candidates for your vacancy what do you usually look for? Do you look for someone highly intelligent? A person who graduated in a well-known university with flying colours? Or someone from a large company? What should you really look for?


“A bad employee will result to bad service overall effecting the business’s profitability”.


What do you think will happen when an ill mannered person joins your team, even thought that person’s credentials are good do you think he will function very well and improve the team? No, I think not his attitude will first bring down the workplace harmony and soon after you’ll see your team misalignments affecting everyone and the business itself.


Universom a global research and advisory firm released a report that is based on 2,000 interviews last 2015 that shows companies moving to meritocracy rather than the traditional grades and school basis, and as you can see after work experience comes personality profile in second because they also see the positive effects of a good personality of their employees to a business.


For us values are “more important” but of course a candidate must also possess satisfactory skill and experience.

1.Find someone with initiative and eagerness - not everyone is perfect during the start, but if they possesses initiative and  a strong eagerness to learn and succeed he might as well be considered valuable in the long term compared to people whose reluctant to step out of their comfort zone and just sticks to what they're good at.  Question like asking for things that wasn’t part of his job but they still did it because they believe that it should be done should do the trick.

2. Find someone trustworthy - We know that this trait can't really be seen at the start but a brief call with their previous employer or reference person should provide you with things that could deem your candidate as trustworthy or untrustworthy.

3. Find someone that’s open to adapt not only on your business but also to your company's goal – When a candidate is open to adapt how you’re business works and your company’s goal that’s a good sign that he will be a dedicated employee because he already sees the direction you want for your company and supports it. A dedicated employee will extend more time and effort needed or not, because these people understands that the company’s success is also their success as well.

4. Find someone who can work with other people – This is self-explanatory but this does not only apply to personality but also on communication skills of the candidate, how well they can communicate and exchange information with the team. A business needs everyone to function and align with each other otherwise it will affect their and the business’s productivity.

Everyone who's looking for people to hire should also think of the person's values and consider them well, we're not saying that all those qualifications and certifications on their resume is of no importance we are merely saying that a great employee is not just about the resume. All jobs can be learnt but a good personality can't."


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